Home of the Del City North Neighborhood Watch Association.

DC North Watch was organized in the 1980’s and reestablished in 2021 under new management.  We are neighbors looking out for neighbors and dedicated to making our community safe and secure and making Del City a great place to live, work and raise a family.

Important questions and concerns

What is at stake?  For most of us, our homes, personal property, and the safety and well being of our families are paramount issues in our lives.  When we join together, we have the advantage of our collective attention keeping watch over the things we love and have worked hard for. 

Why Join with Neighbors?  We are all busy people, constantly on the move often spending hours away from our homes and families. We come and go at all kinds of hours, meaning that often when we are gone, our neighbors are home and vise versa. When there are extra eyes and ears looking after our homes, the chance of some kind of vandalism or theft being carried out is reduced. When criminals know that residents of an area are actively watching out for one another, the incidence of crime goes down dramatically!

Bold Signs and Active Watchers are a deterrent!  Signs at the entrances to our neighborhood streets serve to notify those who mean us harm that many eyes are watching. Some of our signs need to be refreshed and some new ones installed.  At our monthly meeting, we learn what to watch for and how best to observe and report unusual situations. Many of our neighbors actively help patrol our streets. Their visibility is also a deterrent. If you can participate, you will be rewarded knowing, you are doing your own part to protect your home, property and loved ones. 

Will you take action today? There Is no time like NOW to sign up and get involved. Plan to attend our monthly meetings, held the third Thursday of each mouth at the Del City Community Center at 4505 SE 15th Street, (the old library building) at 7:00 PM.


Watching out for our neighbors is not being nosey, it is a way to show we care for one another!!